Georg Gößwein,
Managing Director
PLLOB Compliance GmbH

F: +49 (0) 75 43 – 96 18 53 8

RA Georg Gößwein, LL.M.

I am a lawyer and worked in industry for 20 years, including as General Counsel (approx. 5 years MDAX) and Chief Compliance Officer.
In the course of my compliance work, it quickly became clear to me that good compliance can only be achieved in joint responsibility. Leadership plays a decisive role here for the successful implementation of a compliance management system. I also realized that only with intelligent and lasting interventions can compliance be implanted as an integral part of the DNA of a company. This is also why I developed PLLOB®. PLLOB®, the formula for good compliance, summarizes five concise questions on central aspects of compliance in one word. PLLOB® can be used as a nudge and situation reminder. PLLOB® brings compliance to the point and to memory. PLLOB® helps to prepare the ground for compliance as a management task. In my consulting and publications I focus on decentralized, functional, resource-saving and culture-building compliance management systems that make compliance a management task.

I am a founding member and member of the Supervisory Board of DICO (Deutsches Institut für Compliance e.V.). I am initiator and chairman of the DICO working group “Compliance as a management task”.
 I am a former executive member of the BDI Legal Committee. I also am a former chairman and member of the VDMA Legal Committee as well as member a former chairman and founding member of the VDMA Compliance Management Working Group.


The size or complexity of a project may require teamwork. If this is the case Georg Gößwein can rely on a great network of experienced specialists.


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